Passport Info


How To Obtain A Passport

Application Can be obtained in:
Clerk of the District Court Office
Or On the Internet at  OR
Pictures One passport picture sized to U.S. Department of State Size and Specifications
Proof of Citizenship Most common are a U.S. birth certificate or
a full-validity U.S. passport book or card (can be expired)
Proof of Identity 16 and Older: Driver's License
Under 16: Parent(s) Driver's License Or ID Card
Cost Adult Passport Book: $135.00
Child Passport Book: $105.00
Adult Passport Card: $55.00
Child Passport Card: $40.00
Passport Expedited Fee: $60.00 per Passport
Plus $15.89 Overnight Express
If Time Required on Expedited Application


Time Frame Five to Six Weeks

Applications From Clerk of District Court Office Or On Internet

If Obtaining A Passport For A Youth Under 16 Years Of Age Both Parents Must Sign Application Or Meet Certain Other Requirements